COVID-19 free traveling

Hello, Shalom, Bonjour. it is me. your favourite blogger.😋

If there wasn’t COVID-19, I would want to go to Niagara falls. I went there before,

but I want to go back. it was my funnest vacation.

I’ve never gone to California, but that would definitely be my 2nd choice.

we were also supposed to go to Germany, but it got

canceled, because of this guy named:COVID, his middle name was Corona, and his last name was Virus.

his age was 19, so he was a teenager. apparently this COVID guy has canceled almost ALL flights, so me and my family can’t go anywhere. If I could, I would totally go to Niagara falls.

What a relief!

Hello, Shalom, Bonjour. It is me. your favourite blogger! 😂

School is finished SO soon!

I wonder what grade 5 will be like. I know my times tables, addition, subtraction… is that enough?

What if I am not good enough. what if it’s too hard.

you know what? I am not going to worry about that. I told myself the same thing last year before I started.

I guess I am just nervous. because at the end, I am just fine.

like look how I am now. In grade 4. I got used to it.

but that’s only because I had the same teacher 2 times in a row. so it felt

like grade 3. sometimes I even mix up grade 3 and 4.

anyway, next year I think I will get Mrs.Thompson. I am SUPER excited. she is kind, but

I’ve never had her before.


Scorpions have 8 legs.

They are often recognized by their tail they carry behind them, and at the end of their tail, they have a venomous stinger. 

They can be found in every continent, except Antarctica.

Scorpions can be any colour.

All scorpions have a venomous sting, but the majority of them don’t pose a serious threat to humans, and in most cases, healthy adults do not need any medical treatment after being stung.

Only about 25 species are known to have venom capable of killing someone.

my speech

Have you ever seen someone catch a ball with it’s back?


Well, I’ll tell you something, you need to have the right training.   Hello, teachers and fellow i will be sharing with you my rhythmic gymnastics story. So, as you may have guessed, I do rhythmic gymnastics At KRSG. in July, I will be trying out for the inter club. That is also known as…competitive. I am hoping

To get in, so I can travel through the country performing…but not with the virus. I want to come back HEALTHY. Not to mention my brother sneezing every second, but my point is, at the start, my mom told me she did it when she was my age, so i wanted to do it. We were trying to find classes that we could do, but there were no open classes for us. Finally, we found KRSG. There was a class Wednesday night, and we could do that! So on the exact day of my birthday, was my first class. I was pretty excited, also a little scared, but that’s because I thought it was on the side of those flexible girls, so I was nervous. I looked on the side, a toddler group. Fewf, I thought. It’s good I’m not on that side… until I hear my name, from the teenaged coach that was standing in front of them. She called my name…and she said:oh! You must be Bianca! Come join us ! We’re about to play freeze tag! I look at my mom. She’s already at the other side of the door. She gives me a thumbs up, and then takes out her phone. I can’t believe this!


The coach is smiling. Finally, she asks how old I am. Hopefully, when i say i’m nine, she’ll stop treating me as a 6 year old! So, i say i’m nine, and obviously, now she’s smiling sarcastically.and then, i try to smile, also, pretending i’m happy to be there. I join them on the carpet. One, I mean all of the toddlers were hugging each other, smiling.And they seemed to be actually happy to be there. Well I mean it’s a toddler class, until i was wrong. I see a girl super tall. I made friends with her pretty quickly.her name was ***.  I asked how old she was and she was 7 years old. She was about a foot taller than me…well it’s not a surprise. One day, a girl that was in the even smaller group, came into this group. Apparently she went to the same school as ***. She was about the same height as me, so i asked how old she was. She was 9! She’s also trying to get into competitive.her name is *****.she is super flexible of the back.i’m flexible more of the legs.not the back.but she’s the opposite. She is russian.we have a lot of  things in common! Other than the fact that she likes pink, and I like turquoise. Though, i don’t care, because we got along pretty well!


 But she gets frustrated when i don’t answer her calls.

So, anyways, thankyou for listening!

Persuasive essay by Bianca

I want to paint my room turquoise.I like the color turquoise.

The reason why, is because it would be more relaxing and 

Unique.please let me do it! I would clean up my room, and 

Because we have to move the furniture, we could organize

It is again. I will keep my room clean because it will be pretty.


The best paint we should do is ‘BEHR’ paint.

It wouldn’t be that hard! Pleeeease! Let me paint my room!

It would be cleaner, and that’s what you want, right?

The best paint brushes are Purdy XL Series Medium-Stiff Nylon/Polyester Paint Brush…


So please let me paint my room!

It would be so fun and pretty!


If ever we sell are house, either a kid that likes 

Turquoise would take it or they would repaint it. 

Plus, i would do it all

By myself! You wouldn’t need to 

Help me, and you like turquoise to, don’t 



Now my room is only beige, and

It’s not as pretty

As turquoise.

I had this whole idea because

Of Eliya.she has her room painted



When I have trouble falling asleep,

I could look at my favourite colour,

And I would fall asleep.


We would have to organize everything,

Which we need to do anyway…

Jewish studies-Bianca

בלימודים יהודיים אנחנו עושים הרבה דברים. אנו עושים תפילה, אנו מתאמנים בתורה, ועכשיו אנו לומדים על כמה מצוות חשובות .

we see youtube videos of people doing mitzvahs to other people.

on Wednesdays, we have ‘podcast time’. that is the time we listen to a hebrew podcast that morah yardena sends us, and then after, she asks us questions about it.we answer the questions, and then we come back to class, (meet.) and we talk about other stuff.

so that is most of the things we do.

thanks for listening!

Bianca’s blog

It’s been hard doing online school.

Everyone wants to take a break.

I think we will be back in school soon. Some people like it better like this, and some people think it’s too tiring. personally, I think I like it better when we are actually in school.   I miss my teachers, and I am even starting to forget how my CLASSROOM looks. 🙂  I bet when we return to school, (I hope soon) we won’t even remember each other!  to avoid that, stay in contact with your friends while you can.

even though it’s hard, try the best you can. 😉

Thank you for listening to my blog!!!