snakes in movies… or pets?

Hello, it’s me! your favourite blogger.😋


Do you think snakes are gross or so, so cool?

Either way, you’re going to stay smack here.

Usually, in movies, they use cobras as the enemies that work for the bad guys.

But why cobras? answer– they have strong venomous teeth. that is what makes them a little, or for some people, really Scary. it can also strangle people, and they use that ability to hurt, or even kill some people.


Having a snake as a pet is a little bit unusual. you don’t see that often.

But you have to be careful with the type you pick. some can be harmful. I want a snake soooo badly! I think they are so Cool.

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  1. Sharon Reichstein at |

    Dear Bianca,
    I love the way you are trying to convince me that you are my favourite blogger – very cute. I think snakes are very cool as long as they are very far away from me! I admit I am afraid of snakes but also admit they are fascinating. I will never have a snake as a pet but if you get one, please let us know what it is like to take care of it.

    Mrs. Reichstein


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