Scientists in online school!

So, last week a scientist came in and we did an experiment!

So, what we did was we had to find out what the ‘mystery powder’ was. we did a couple experiments with Epson salt, flour and baking soda. We tested how each one reacted to water and then we saw how vitamin c and the Epson salt reacted in water, WITH cabbage powder. (And let me tell you, that STINKED.) After, we did the same thing, just with the baking soda. With the Epson salt, it just became red. with the baking soda, it rose up high, but then deflated when it reached the top. so after that, we mixed the vitamin c, the MYSTERY powder, water and the cabbage powder together. it did what the baking soda did, so we were like “oh, it’s the baking soda!” but then, the scientist said we weren’t sure. we were all kind of confused, but then she said, “Let’s see how it will react in the water.” so we put the mystery powder in the water. It was weird, because it did what the flower did. So, we concluded that it was a mix of baking soda and flour!

So that was scientists in online school.


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