June 10th, 2020 compared to NOW

Hellooooo, it is me once again.😋

okay, so I have been blogging for a pretty long time now. So if we look at this blog, and then we look at this blog, 

There is a small difference. My writing has improved, I am using better words and you can tell I have a little bit more experience. So my writing HAS improved. I started blogging In grade 4 and I am in grade 5, right now. So it hasn’t been a LONG time since I wrote my first blog, but it’s been some time. FUN FACT: My first blog was actually my speech, from grade 4, and, SPOILER ALERT: It was about my rhythmic gymnastics story. As you may know, I LOVE contortion. If you read that blog, you will get to know ALL of my annoying, weird and fun journey.

So, in conclusion… I write better than last year.

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