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In GS, (general studies) we did a project. It was called What’s the matter in our world? we each had to choose                                              between four different topics: Melting ice caps, oil tanks,deforestation and plastic pollution. I chose melting ice caps because                            it was the one that meant the most to me because I don’t want seals, polar bears and walruses to die.                                                                          Here is a little video to introduce melting ice caps.

here is a cool website that counts the melting of ice caps.

We all made media text and I made a ‘commercial’. Here is mine.

I really loved this project because we get to help all of these issues and it makes other people aware of this, too.

I could get really creative and just do it in my own way.

Why are ice caps melting?

Melting ice caps, (AKA glaciers) Are melting because of global warming.                                                                                                                            Global warming is affecting the temperature of the Arctic  and melting the glaciers.

What animals are endangered?

Animals like polar bears and walruses are under threat of extinction.                                                                                                                                  If this problem isn’t solved soon, We might lose them forever.


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