Where I see myself in 20 years!

This is how I picture myself in 20 years: I am a singer and interior designer, I live in LA because I love LA and who knows if I will ever meet a celebrity? I will also live in nice modern house. I will have a kid, if it’s a girl I will name her Naomi and if it’s a boy I will name him…Well, I don’t know yet. I will have a little poodle named Coco. I will visit New York, Las Vegas and Israel. My husband would be either a younger version of Robert Pattinson or Chris Hemsworth.😋


I will feed my pet coco dog snacks that look like flowers. I will also build her a dog house and buy her her own bed. Her bed will be turquoise with pink pompoms all around it. I will also be a part-time youtuber. There will be palm trees surrounding my house and I will even have my own Game room! In the backyard, I will have a pool and a trampoline. In my basement, I’ll have an air hockey table, and in another part of the house I’ll have a gym.


Top 50 Modern House Designs Ever Built! - Architecture Beast

The movie

Hello! It’s me, your favourite blogger! 🤪

So my whole class have been writing stories… And this is mine! Enjoy!!!!


The hot sun covered the Hollywood studio. It was Sunday afternoon, filming ‘The Apple pye’, where the crew just couldn’t keep it together. The studio was a huge room and had a lot of space, along with recording cameras, makeup supplies, tables and computers. 


“And at that moment she died.”


“CUT!” The producer yelled. His screams were so loud you could almost hear the birds flying off the roof of the studio. 




“This isn’t supposed to be a horror movie!” The producer said.


“Then why is she dead?” The narrator asked.


The actress sat up, looking a little annoyed.

 “I’m not!”  She looked up at the ceiling, then rapidly looked down, squinting. The lights were bright in the studio. Occasionally this came in handy for lighting, but it hurt your eyes if you dared to look up.

This wasn’t on purpose. The filming crew hired people to make the lights brighter, but they had brought the wrong light bulbs.


“She’s supposed to be unconscious,” The producer said.


“Oh.” The narrator put his coffee down.


“Scarlett, we’re refilming,” The producer said.


“I thought her name was Emily,” The narrator said.


“No, her real name is Scarlett Johansson.”


“Wait, you mean that actress?” The narrator looked confused. He stared at her, trying to recognize her face.


“Yeah. That’s her,” The producer said.


“Boy, you guys gotta stop applying so much makeup. That looks nothing like her.” He turned to the makeup artist. 

One of them adjusted themselves, looking a little guilty.

“Whatever,” the producer said. 

“Let’s just film it again.”


“Wait, what am i supposed to say? She fell on her bed?” The narrator asked.


“Sure.” By now the producer was so annoyed he wasn’t ready to argue with anyone. 

“Do whatever you want. Okay…Action!” He clicked the record button which was impossible to find, because it was black, like the rest of the camera, and he usually missed it like 40% of the time.


“And at that moment…She fell onto her bed… and was never heard of again…”


“Wait, what?” the actress said again.


“CUT! Can’t you guys just keep it together for two seconds?! We are literally just recording a ten second scene!”


“Ya, I agree. Filming Avengers was easier. Although Chris Evans was having a  hard time keeping his suit on, so that made it harder. Wait, was Chris Evans even IN avengers? It may have been another actor. They do that all the time.” She let out a little chuckle and positioned herself back.


“Scarlett, what’s your point here? Okay, whatever, we’re filming and no distractions this time!” The producer said, trying to hide his anger. ‘Whatever’ was one of his favourite things to say.


They finally ALMOST got the scene… Until… The actress sat up.


“Or, wait maybe it was like Tony Stark or something. What’s his name? Iron man? It’s like Downey Jr. Robert? Or Jr. Robert Downey?”


Now, the producer just quit.


“Alright,” the narrator said. “Guess I’ll have to be the producer. So maybe you could just die and I say ‘He had warned her about the book but now it was too late’, Or something like that.”


“Alright, I quit,” Scarlett said.


“Wait,” He screamed after her, “Can I get a signature from Stan Lee? Julia Roberts? Anyone really!”




“Okay, but is it true that Black Widow died in Avengers Endgame?” He asked, but now Scarlette was already in the grey hallways.


“Shut up!” The actress stopped to get coffee from the Tim Hortins beside the room they were filming, and then left.


Well, i guess this isn’t going to be a movie after a-

Crash! At that moment the whole studio was destroyed by a dinosaur.