Family~ School~Life

“Your fingers are so cold!”

“They aren’t that cold.”

“it’s 8:17! I gotta get ready for school! why did you wake me up so late?!”

I run down to the kitchen, sit beside my brother for breakfast…

“you’re stupid.” You’re stupid. great way to start your morning, little brother.

I think he hates me. no, let’s redo that phrase. I KNOW he hates me.

“Did anyone see my cream?!” my mom screams from the shower.

My brother slaps me for no reason. “ow!” I scream. “what?! I didn’t do anything!”

“Bianca, go to the other side of the table,” my dad says. that’s not fair.

He gets the bench. way more comfortable. I mean, he’s the one who slapped me…

COVID-19 free traveling

Hello, Shalom, Bonjour. it is me. your favourite blogger.😋

If there wasn’t COVID-19, I would want to go to Niagara falls. I went there before,

but I want to go back. it was my funnest vacation.

I’ve never gone to California, but that would definitely be my 2nd choice.

we were also supposed to go to Germany, but it got

canceled, because of this guy named:COVID, his middle name was Corona, and his last name was Virus.

his age was 19, so he was a teenager. apparently this COVID guy has canceled almost ALL flights, so me and my family can’t go anywhere. If I could, I would totally go to Niagara falls.


Scorpions have 8 legs.

They are often recognized by their tail they carry behind them, and at the end of their tail, they have a venomous stinger. 

They can be found in every continent, except Antarctica.

Scorpions can be any colour.

All scorpions have a venomous sting, but the majority of them don’t pose a serious threat to humans, and in most cases, healthy adults do not need any medical treatment after being stung.

Only about 25 species are known to have venom capable of killing someone.