School student drama

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Ok. so first of all, there is the type of kids who just shout out, don’t really listen,

and according to the school, “Super important.” On the other hand, there is the type of kids that are super quite, never speak, no one really notices them, and teachers sometimes forget to give them the worksheets. Of course every kid has there own personality, and I would describe myself as the second one stated. In most schools there is the “popular kid” or the “cool kid” and they would be the ones people want to hang out with at recess, lunch and even sit beside them in class. Those kids will usually have their own little group, though. Then there are the little “besties.” they would pass notes in class, share EVERYTHING together, and sometimes dress the same ways. There is also the bully, and the friend that does everything like them. Like I mean COPY EVERY WORD THEY SAY.