wearing a mask-response to Dr.Klitzman article.


Wearing a mask is uncomfortable, because it is something always covering your face.

My experience of wearing a mask is sometimes i see people not wearing a mask, and once i was just walking in my neighborhood, so i didn’t wear a mask, and my brothers friend came up super close to me so i’m like  woah…back off.


I agree with Dr Klitzman when he stated “Masks can be uncomfortable and hot.”

I am usually very hot in them, because it is like a scarf wrapped around your neck.


I disagree with Dr Klitzman when he said “they can hide facial expressions.”I disagree because we can see facial expressions with the eyes and eyebrows. And wearing a mask is a small sacrifice for our safety.

So my final opinion on wearing masks is, it can be uncomfortable, but I wear it for other people’s safety.


Here is a link to the article about Dr Klitzmans experience about mask-wearing.

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  1. jbennett31 at |

    Hi Bianca,

    I liked reading your response to the article. I also think it is important to wear a mask to keep everyone safe. Can you tell you when your friends are smiling when they wear a mask? My class could tell when I was smiling by looking at my eyes. I think it is pretty amazing how all the students at our school have gotten used to wearing masks.

    Keep smiling behind that mask 🙂
    Mrs. Bennett


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