Ninja School

I walk out of the house. I’m thinking of doing a quick walk. Then, I see something sticking out of the mailbox. I go to take it out. I open what appears to be a letter. Inside it, it’s an invitation to a ninja school! I didn’t even know that was a thing! I mean, I’m not even ‘qualified’ to be a ninja. But… Maybe this is for my brother. Maybe I shouldn’t be looking at this letter. Maybe it’s a top-secret thing. But then I look at the bottom of the paper. It says my name. In the letter, they also mention not telling anyone about this. All I am thinking right now is how this is happening. And then I realize, It’s probably just a prank from someone. But the letter also has coordinates. Even though this may not even be real, I guess it would be a fun experience to see where the mystery person wants me to go.


With the help of the internet, I follow the coordinates. It turns out that the location wasn’t too far from my house, so I biked there. It took about five minutes. When I arrive, I’m confused, because all I see in front of me is an old-looking abandoned shack. I know this is probably a really stupid thing to do, but I go in. My mom always told me to not go anywhere, or to anyone, without knowing the consequences. Plus, my parents don’t even know I’m here. When I step in, I see just black. No light. As I was about to leave, a portal opens. It’s a rather small portal, but who am I to judge, I haven’t seen a ‘rather big’ portal before, either. You know, portal measurement isn’t really one of my strongest points.

Anyway, this startles me, so I fall back onto a stack of hay and…Horse slobber? The portal is now changing colors from blue, pink, orange and green. Suddenly, the portal turns all black. At this point, I was too curious. I step in. Now forming in front of me is a huge black school. I guess this wasn’t a prank, after all!


I walk forward, until a swarm of student ninjas do tricks, blocking my path. I say hello(Well, I say hi), weirdly, but the students carry on with their circus stuff. Finally, they finish, and they pose. They clear the path, and I continue towards the school. All of a sudden, one of the students came to walk beside me. “So you are the new student”. I recognize the voice of a girl. Then another student comes from the other side. This time a boy. “People have been talking about you,” He says. So this was all planned? I don’t answer them. I can’t. I’m so shocked by what just happened. Maybe this is one of those realistic dreams or a really good quality VR machine. I try to pinch myself. It doesn’t really hurt, but just because I’m weak. Another sign it’s not a dream is that I read the big sign on the school. The Ninjaworld Ninja School. I manage to ask why there is the word ninja twice, and the girl answers, “I know, it’s stupid.” The boy gives me a real answer. “This place is called Ninjaworld. And all schools in Ninjaworld are for Ninjas. So the school’s name could just be The Ninjaworld School, and the most annoying thing is that there is no other school with that name in Ninjaworld.”


We get to the main double doors. There is a keypad beside them. The girl types at least twenty-five things in. The door opens. “Wow, how did you memorize that password?” “It’s pretty easy. It’s just Ninjas are the best, so go ninjas.” The boy gives some sort of signal to the girl. 

“Oh, right. I’m Celia. That’s Ronny. We’re in your class.”

When the bell rings, Celia and Ronny walk me to the class. It’s nothing like my school. It looks like Gym class! My favourite class! But it’s not in a Gym… It’s just a normal room. “This is our first class…Training. This is how we get all warmed up and stretched for the day,” Celia explains. “Oh! It looks like our new student, Sarah, has arrived!” A teacher says. “My name is Sensei Norah, well, you can call me Mrs.Norah. This is Sensei Lee. He is the second training teacher.” I tell her that this is probably a mistake, and my family is waiting for me at home. 

“Oh, don’t be silly! Your time is paused when you enter the Ninjaworld,” She says like it’s the most obvious thing ever. At least that’s good to know, but I’m still thinking of so many questions. Will this ninja school replace my usual school? The ‘sensei’ gives me a ninja outfit thing, and I go put it on in the change room. I get back to the class, and I meet up with Celia and Ronny. I have no idea what I’m doing, so I just follow whatever everyone else is doing. I whisper to Celia while everyone is punching the air.

“So how is this gonna work? I have a life in another world. I can’t just pause it.” Celia smiles. 

“We set up a robot for you in your world. For now, it’s paused, but when you adapt to this school and world, We will unpause it and your robot will just act like you and live your normal life.” My jaw drops.

“I’M GOING TO LIVE HERE FOREVER?” I ask—or scream. “Who wouldn’t want to? It’s great here,” Celia responds like she’s used to people being shocked.

“No. I can’t stay here. I have a family, and I am not going to give it up for…A ninja school.”

Celia does some kind of flip. I don’t do it.

“Fine,” She says. “We’ll try the other way. You live your normal life, and each Sunday at 7 you come here and leave at 8. You need to learn these ninja skills. It will protect you.” Then she says, “We’ll delete your robot.”

And just like that, this school was my new favourite place.


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